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Rituals for transformation

Transformative rituals happen once and have the purpose to help you cross major thresholds. This is done by crafting moments that produce a ’before’ and an ’after’.

  • Are you about to enter a new life-cycle in what you are doing?

  • Do you need to bring your team together after a big change?

  • Are you about the celebrate a milestone in the growth of your organisation and want the moment to have depth?

  • Do you need to achieve a change in a group constellation, relationship or identity?

Transformative rituals are the moments in which you know that 'it' is happening. After such a moment, there is no turning back. Transformative rituals are sources of clarity.

Contact us with information about the threshold you are facing to start a process. Transformative rituals take place in thresholds and the facts about your threshold will lead our design process.

The ceremony played an enormous part for me as the founder of the organisation. It allowed me to emotionally move on from this phase of the company. I felt a huge sense of headspace being freed up to allow the next phase of the company to fully emerge.


 - Tom Nixon, Founder of NixonMcInnes and Maptio, 2015

Brighton, England


Spaces for


 To have a space that feels like a container for certain experiences is a superb idea. Experiences that we relate to ritual are way more accessible with the right space. We love creating such spaces and we have collaboration partners for it!

  • Are you looking to make your permanent space better suited for your rituals?

  • Do you need a space for a specific processes or event?

  • Do you need tools and space for spontaneous ritual?

  • Do you need a space for introspection and personal transformation?

  • Would you like support in designing a ritualized journey?


Ritual space has to be understood as an experience of the space in question and the physical space at the same time.

Contact us if you want to be in a sacred space next time you go to work!

You managed to capture and support the character of the event so well! Thank you! People really enjoyed spending time here.

- Event client, 2017

Bern, Switzerland


Rituals for

cohesion and


Rituals for cohesion and rhythm happen on a cyclical basis. They have the purpose of supporting things in keeping their shape and they contribute to creating the perfect rhythm for your work.


  • Do you feel the need to start and end your days in more purposeful ways? How about your weeks, months and years?

  • Are you looking to celebrate your community in way that feels like home?

  • Would you like to initiate certain processes, such as meetings, in ways that give clarity and connects you with deep intention?

  • Do you or your team sometimes fall out of flow and need a ritual that can bring you back?

  • Are there ritual elements missing in something that you are hosting?

Familiar rituals for cohesion and rhythm are stand-ups, check-ins, energizers, mindfulness brakes, emotional rounds, meal-time ceremonies, off-sites, end-of-year celebrations, etc.

Contact us if you are looking to design and implement rituals that are creative, communicative about who you are, entertaining and in support of your intentions.

The Ritual was great and fits so well.
Every step of the ritual was right and weaved into the agenda and design of the meetup.

- Kristoffer Trautmann, founder of The Trainer Community, 2018

Berlin, Germany




and training

We love it when we can help people grow in their relationship to ritual! We are happy coaching you in your ritual making processes and being there for you in transformative periods. As consultants we help you see how rituals can be implemented in

your internal processes and in your offers.

  • We offer Ritual Design workshops

  • We can help you understand how your product or service can better meet a need for ritual

  • You can involve us as a partner in event design projects

  • You can have us research your organisation's need for ritual

  • You can have us feedback a ritual you are creating

  • We can help you navigate liminality

Contact us and let us know about your needs. We can offer most of these services online.

15-minute introductory coaching sessions are free of charge.

Moving, enlightening, impactful... a perfect balance between introspection and almost spiritual reflection, alongside very clear and easily applicable learning. I left feeling not just like I'd picked up a new set of tools, but feeling lighter in myself.

- Workshop attendee, 2017

Brighton, England

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