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Rituals that have the purpose of supporting something in keeping its shape, or that contribute to creating the perfect rhythm for your work are rituals that usually happens as part of your different cycles.


Rituals are greatly useful for starting and ending your days, weeks, months, years, when you need to celebrate your community, when you need to maintain clarity on what you are doing and when you are initiating or ending different processes, such as meetings.

These kinds of rituals can happen in the same shape often, but they should not be understood simply as habits. If they are designed and executed well they will connect the participants to strong streams of intention and clarity every time.


Familiar such rituals are stand-ups, check-ins, energizers, mindfulness brakes, emotional rounds, meal-time ceremonies, off-sites, end-of-year celebrations etc.

We can help you to both understand your rhythm and clarify what you are trying to use it for. From there we design and implement rituals that are creative, communicative about who you are, entertaining and in support of your intentions.

We can also support you in creating rituals for you to use when things are difficult and your flow seems far away. This is particularly useful for teams. Collaboration is hard and we sometimes need some tools to connect emotionally.

Camper Förbereda Meal


Ritual is often portrayed as moments where different people, ideas, creative endeavors, emotions, etc. are brought together to interact for a moment. In this interaction, a point is being created, and with many such points, you can create something beautiful.


There is merit to this picture. If you have a reoccurring rituals that are about different topics but share a core, you will soon be weaving together different parts of your work in ways that bring unity and stability.


By weaving different rituals together, you can also create a great flow for yourself and make sure that you are collected around the core of what you are doing when it is the time for it, and let go when it is not.


Letting go is important! Rituals to end the working day can help you ‘check out’ and enjoy other parts of your life with a bigger presence. The thread that you are has more beauty to be part of.


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Leka Drum


There is a word that describes the flow and rhythm of the experiences we are having; this word is cadence.


You can notice your cadence by often asking

“what am I doing right now?” and observing the patterns that emerge. Consider these questions if you do:

  • Are you satisfied with your answers to the question of what you are doing?

  • How often is it possible for you to say “now I am doing this” with clarity?

  • Are your patterns good for you?

Rituals for supporting your rhythm can be the sentence “now I am doing this” as a declaration as opposed to an observation, woven into a cyclical pattern, and put in relationship to your energy level and emotional state. These rituals create clarity about what belongs and what does not in what you are about to enter - and turns this clarity into action.

Rituals and cadence are very connected concepts. With rituals being what you can use to create a beat and bring yourself from one part of your cadence to another, or prepare yourself for these shifts.


Rituals can make sure that you leave and enter times and spaces in ways that are in support of who you are and what you are doing, and thus create a supporting structure for you to exist in.

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Ritual and culture are very intertwined topics. What we chose to enact and focus on in a ritual comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is frequently defined as our culture.


The values present in a ritual are often the dominant values of a culture. This has to do with rituals' quality of condensing things. In this condensed state, we can also renegotiate our cultures or reconnect ourselves with aspects of them.

All of these dynamics make ritual central for community building and maintenance. In these spaces, you can all recognize who is there, why you exist together and on what terms you are a community - And new members can be introduced to central aspects of who you are as a group.

Ritualized moments hold extra significance and sharing them is a special experience that brings people together.


Leaving normality should be normal. Rituals can also be what purposefully takes you out of the normal flow. Creative work can not only be output. Just like with the breath, energy needs to come in before it can come out in a different form.


To step out of normality can be very similar to taking a deep breath in. The purpose of inhaling might not be to exhale, but it seems to be a requirement for doing so.


It is also common knowledge that if you want to create magic you should stand with one foot outside of normality. Rituals are a door to that space, how often do you visit?

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