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Spaces for rituals

Rituals for

cohesion and rhythm


Consulting and training

The work

We have delivered many rituals to and for Kristoffer Trautmann, the founder of The Trainer Community.


We also partnered with Kristoffer in the event design for the community's summer camp in 2018 and delivered a workshop for it's attendees. Our approach was to see the summer camp as a ritual and help design the flow of the event from this perspective.


We created the ritual spaces used during the event.

Rituals include

  • A ritual that has been integrated in The Trainer Community's meetups with potential new members (This ritual was delivered online as a step-by-step process)

  • A two-part opening ceremony for the summer camp

  • A separation & initiation ritual around values and behaviours for the community members

  • A 'professional cannibalism'-ritual, in which attendees consume their professional identities in order to turn them in to a smaller part of a larger self

  • A two-part closing ceremony for the summer camp

"The work of Viktor is powerful and brings results that move. I expanded the cooperation with Viktor and worked together on an event design which integrated depth and transformed it. Viktor always has in mind the needs of the target group, the effect of the rituals and the desired outcome. He pursues this with calmness and clarity which makes the collaboration absolutely enjoyable.


The feedback from the participants and the enthusiasm about the elements that were integrated by Viktor expressed the added value of Viktor's work. If you want to realize an extraordinary event with depth, meaning, and clarity I can only put the cooperation with Viktor to your heart."

- Kristoffer Trautmann, The Trainer Community, 2019

Stolzenhagen & Berlin, Germany

IMG_0313 2.JPG

The ritual

We made and led a ritual to fundamentally transform people and culture consultancy, NixonMcInnes.

The ritual needed to end the company and open up all the relationships, so that no energy would be directed to things that do not exist anymore. After such a ritual, new relationships and initiatives can emerge for everyone involved.

You can read a detailed description  of this ritual here

The team.jpeg

“It was beautifully done, simple, heartwarming and meaningful.”

- Louise Ash, 2015

Brighton, England


The work

We helped Pennie Ludlow of Pennie Yoga to develop her knowledge about rituals and to put together an inauguration event that she used to end a yoga-teacher course. Pennie can use the same ritual in future courses.

This ritual was delivered online as a step-by-step process.


"Viktor helped me to develop an inauguration event I was devising to a deeper level entirely.

His wide perspective and tailored advice allowed me to convey a further layer of meaning within this 'rite of passage', which was tangibly moving and powerful to me and those who attended"

-       Pennie Ludlow, Pennie Yoga, 2018

        Worthing, England

Psst!.. Pennie makes corporate sessions in the London and Sussex areas. Work place and away day wellness.

2018-03-30 23.14.36.jpg
Yoga Utrustning

Spaces for rituals

Here follows a collection of ritual spaces that we have made.


A space for opening- and closing ceremonies and spontaneous ritual at The Trainer Community summer camp. Stolzenhagen, Germany, 2018.


A space by NomadLab for spontaneous ritual and performance during BeSTival 2017. Bern, Switzerland, 2017.


The principle of internal rejection. Interactive art exhibition at Laurieston arches. Glasgow, Scotland, 2017

Underneath my bed #1. Conceptual ritual event.

Leipzig, Germany, 2019

painting chairs.jpg

Tools for permanent ritual use at KaosPilots.

Bern, Switzerland, 2014


Space for professional cannibalism ritual during The Trainer Community summer camp. Stolzenhagen, Germany, 2018.

The ritual

We helped the co-founders of an organisation to separate from their 7-year long collaboration.

The ritual involved indvidually writing down all the dynamics of how they support and depend upon each other. The bad stuff, the good stuff, etc. With little focus on formalities, and a lot of focus on that which is connected to feelings.


These papers were then put up on trees and the

co-founders were asked to stand close enough to them that they were all they can see.

They then backed up until the collaboration (represented by the papers) seemed small enough to disattach from.

This ritual was delivered online as a step-by-step process.

"It was amazing. With quiet tears, heaps of understanding and deep-felt smiles and a bunch of sparrows over our head, near the water of the IJ in Amsterdam (we performed the actual ritual outside). Thank you so much - if it weren’t for you, we would never have had such a ‘round' experience.”

-       Client, 2018

        Amsterdam, Netherlands

Non-stop till Amsterdam
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